Does anyone know what’s the best thing to get rid of stretch marks?

I’ve tried coco butter, bio oil, mederma, derma rollers, and this cream that cost me like 100 dollars -.- I’m currently using bio oil and it’s been about a month, they don’t pop out as much but they’re still not fading at all. I heard aloe vera gel works too. Does anyone know about this? I’ve got 4 months to get rid of them :c

I’ve had these stretch marks since I was about 10 years old btw, so it’s been years and they’re white and deep :/

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  1. nivula answered: Stretch marks just degrade my confidence :/
  2. thinsecuregal answered: Everything claims to work, but nothing can get rid of it. To cover it up though, try dermablend foundation and setting powder.
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